Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cards A Plenty

Quick question am i the only person who looked at the calendar today and thought where has time gone! its the 8th of May already this is something that would never normally bother me as i am one of those scary people who count down the days till i can get christmas stuff sanely into the shop. However today i was worried as it is the Christening of my cousins two adorable baby girls next Sunday and for anyone who hasnt heard yet i am going to be Godmother. Im just the teeniest bit excited to say the least and wanted to make something special for them and promised their mum i would make them a guest book. Well up until 1 hour ago i had nothing, but i always feel i work better under pressure and now it is all done, and ive got to say im really happy with it.


I took the photo ontop of one of the christening shawls my grandma has made for the babies, each shawl has over 500 diamontes on it along with the babies inital, and has lace all the way around. For anyone who hasnt guessed yet my cousin loves diamontes.

All thats left for me to do now is get an outfit.

Photos of the Competition cards

 All the cards are now on display in the shop, apologies for them being in groups if anyone wants me to take a photo of a single card on its own so they can see it better i am more than happy to do so.
I would like to finally give a mention to the card above as it was from our youngest competition entree a little girl aged only 4. Its great to see little ones crafting she was given a little prize as you have to admitt her card is very cute.

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


Wiccababe said...

fabulous entries Charlotte, and can't wait for the next competition

Suze Bain said...

Beautiful christening invitation and the shawl is gorgeous. Nice to see all the entries, they were all so different.

Anonymous said...

Awww Charlotte, I'll have to let Eilidh see her card on the website, she'll be so chuffed! She loved her prizes too :o)
Rhona (chuffed to have come 2nd, especially after seeing all those great entries!)

Phyllis kelman said...

Love your christening invites and the shawl is BEAUTIFUL a lot of hard work goes into them Lovely to see all the entries for competition they are all lovely and I love Eilidhs one a budding crafter in the making

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