Friday, 10 November 2017

Festive Opening Times & Events

Festive Opening Hours and Events

Monday                 6th    November                       Closed                                           
Tuesday                 7th    November                       10-5.30pm                                              
Wednesday         8th    November                       10-5.30pm                                              
Thursday               9th    November                       10-10pm                Craft Night 6.30-9.30pm                            
Friday                     10th  December                       10-5.30pm                                              
Saturday               11th    December                       9-5.30pm             Jeans Card Class 10-12pm                                  
Sunday                   12th  December                       Closed                                           

Monday                 13th November                       Closed                                           
Tuesday                 14th  November                      10-5.30pm                                              
Wednesday         15th   November                        10-4.00pm                                              
Thursday               16th November                        10-8.00pm           Christmas Gifts Class With Louise 6-7.30pm              
Friday                     17th   November                        10-5.30pm                                              
Saturday               18th   November                        9-5.30pm             Jeans Card Class 10-12pm                                  
Sunday                   19th November                        Closed                                           

Monday                 20th November                        Closed                                           
Tuesday                 21st    November                        10-5.30pm                                              
Wednesday         22nd November                      10-4.00pm                                              
Thursday               23rd November                       10-8.00pm           Kates Class 6-7.30pm (last minute Christmas )
Friday                     24th November                        10-5.30pm           Black Friday Event                                    
Saturday               25th  ovember                        9-5.30pm             Black Friday Event  and  Open House Crop 1-3pm
Sunday                   26th November                        11-5.00pm             Christmas Fayre 12.00-3.00pm                                 

Monday                 27th  November                        Closed                                           
Tuesday                 28th  November                        10-5.30pm                                              
Wednesday         29th November                        10-5.30pm                                              
Thursday               30th  November                        10-10pm                Craft Night 6.30-9.30pm                         
Friday                     1st December                               10-5.30pm                                              
Saturday               2nd   December                        9-5.30pm             Jeans Card Class 10-12pm                                  
Sunday                   3rd    December                        Closed                                           

Monday                 4th    December                        Closed                                           
Tuesday                 5th    December                        10-5.30pm                                              
Wednesday         6th    December                        10-5.30pm           Jeans Card Class 10-12pm                                  
Thursday               7th    December                        10-8.00pm           Christmas Shopping Evening               
Friday                     8th    December                        10-5.30pm                                              
Saturday               9th    December                        9-5.30pm                                    
Sunday                   10th  December                        Closed                                           

Monday                 11th    December                        Closed                                           
Tuesday                 12th  December                        10-5.30pm                                              
Wednesday         13th  December                        10-5.30pm                                              
Thursday               14th  December                        10-8.00pm                                              
Friday                     15th   December                        10-5.30pm                                              
Saturday               16th  December                        9-1.00pm              Jeans Card Class 10-12pm                                  
Sunday                   17th   December                        Closed                    Closed for Christmas will reopen in January 

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Festive Opening Times & Events